Two Weeks in Greece (Hellas or Ellada)

greece map    We’ll be learning about ancient Greece, life in modern Greece, as well as taking some virtual tours.  The students will learn a little of the Greek alphabet and language,what their names look like in Greek, and how to write them.  Our first week of Greece we’ll start off with  Koto Riganati served with our own recipe for Greek Style Potato Wedges Kota Riganati is a fairly easy dish to make. It’s basically a crispy baked lemony chicken with olive oil and assorted Greek spices.  In our second week we’ll be making faux gyro.  Our group has made this several times in the past and it is delicious.

Check out the links to lessons, recipes, and videos, and virtual tours below. * you may have to paste some of the video links into the url window.  Also, check out the on-line quiz game at .  You’ll have to  register for an account to view the game, but it’s simple and free.  Try it.

greece flag   Lessons, recipes, videos, virtual tours.


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