Three Weeks in Italy (Italia)

italy    We’ll be learning about ancient Rome, life in modern Italy, and taking some virtual tours.  We’ll try to cook some authentic Italian dishes.  I say try because it’s difficult to know what’s truly authentic.  Spaghetti, for instance, is essentially whatever you want it to be and varies from region to region.  For our first meal we  We’ll introduce an new recipe, the  Classic Italian Sub.  This is something uber simple that can be easily done at home.   For our second week we’ll have a dish we have made every year since this program’s inception called, Spaghetti Meat Sauce a la Millie.  We’ll serve that with garlic bread.

Check out the links to lessons, recipes, and videos, and virtual tours below.  Also, check out the on-line quiz game at .  You’ll have to register for an account to view the game, but it’s easy.  Try it. 

it flag   Lessons, recipes, videos, virtual tours. 


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