Three Weeks in the Caribbean

carib map    We’ll be spending three weeks in the beautiful Caribbean.  We’ll visit as many islands as we can and experience the life, music, and cuisine of this amazing area off our southern coast.  We’ll focus particularly on Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Cuba.  Our meal for the first week will be Jerk Chicken.  Our second meal will be Cuban Mojo Marinated Pork.  I got this recipe from Dawn Marsh, mother of chefs, and a great cook in her own right.  We’ve made Mojo Pork several times in the past and the kids and staff went through it like locusts through Pharaoh’s wheat! For our third week we’ll try a recipe we’ve never tried before called, JAMAICAN BEEF PATTY.  The recipe looks great and we are hopeful.


Check out the Links, recipes, and teacher materials below.  The flag picture is the link.

carib flags


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