Southeast Asia

se asia This is an area of the world that saw a human presence as far back as 1,000,000 BC to 33,000 BC, (Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies, Jared Diamond, 1999, W.W. Norton & Co., LTD)  We’ll be looking at Southeast Asia’s land-forms, climates, natural vegetation and wildlife, agriculture, and the resources of its peninsulas and archipelagos.

Our first week’s meal will be Singapore Rice Noodles.  This is a savory noodle dish with lots of variety including, if our budget allows, shrimp.  Our second week meal will be a Filipino dish  called Filipino Barbecue Chicken Skewers, a popular treat in the Philippines.  We’ll serve that with a Filipino rice side dish called Garlic Fried Rice with Vinegar Sauce.  This is a meal we have never tried cooking before.  We think it’s going to be great!  The flag array below is the link to teacher materials and recipes.

se asia flags


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