Spain (España)


During the last week of December and the first full week of January we’ll be spending two weeks in Spain.  We’ll tour some of the notable areas of Spain with Rick Steves, and we’ll follow Jamie Oliver as he cooks his way across Andalusia, Spain.  Our meal for the week will be  Paella  This is a traditional Spanish dish that has many variations.  In Valencia, Spain it’s considered sacrilegious to mix meats into this since it’s viewed as a seafood dish.  However many “authentic” recipes call for Spanish Dry Sausage, or Rabbit.  We’ll be using a recipe I found on Saveur, a recipe site I use frequently.  There’s also a recipe from the old Spanish Club in Chicago that I like to use.  We may make a change and use that instead as there’s a family connection with the cook, Rosario.    That particular recipe is called spanish-chicken-and-rice.   Our meal for the second week will be a Spanish take on the popular grilled cheese concept called queso-a-la-plancha-con-escalivada.  We have high hopes for this Iberian inspiration on a traditional cheesy treat.

The flag below is the link to teacher materials and recipes.

sp flag


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