This is a living curriculum with an accompanying website.  It continues to evolve as lessons and materials are added, subtracted, and improved.  Each country or lesson is tied to the Indiana standards for Social Studies as well as Indiana standards for Consumer and Family Sciences.

Our World Foods & Cultures program is a multimedia, hands-on approach to learning about our planet’s huge variety of life experiences, history, and cultures with a special look at cuisines.  We typically spend two weeks learning about a part of the world.  At the end of each week we prepare a dish that is indigenous to or indicative of that country or region.  For many of my students, this is the best part of their day and even their week.   Our program provides introductory skills required in fast food and full-service restaurant settings. Skills taught focus on listening and following directions, working cooperatively with others, basic kitchen safety, purchasing, managing a budget, and food preparation and service.  Additionally, students are expanding their global horizons and culinary palates.

Success is measured with a variety of assessment tools covering Social Studies content, appropriate behavior, shopping, kitchen safety, cooking, and clean up.



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